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CAHO Nucleotide Canine

CAHO Nucleotide Canine


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First plant-based dietary nucleotide supplements proven to support and accelerate cell division, cell regeneration and cell repair. Rich in multi-biotics for development and integrity of intestinal tissues.

Benefits: CAHO Nucleotide is designed to support your dog’s defenses and improve overall vitality, especially during high physiological stress (e.g. reproduction, high growth, immunological stress such as post-surgeries/illnesses).

Dosage & Administration:

Sprinkle over feed, once a day. It is high in palatability which increases food intake for growth and vitality.

1 sachet for dog below 20kg

2 sachets for dog over 20kg

Ingredients: Yeast Hydrolysate, S. Cerevisiae

Net weight: 60g (30 individually packed daily sachets)

Product of Finland