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Air-Dried Wild Sardines Crisps

Air-Dried Wild Sardines Crisps

Whole Animal Butchery

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An all-time favourite of our dogs and cats! Wild-caught by local fisherman. Have them running to you as soon as they catch a whiff of fresh sea water in the air! It’s bursting with natural Omega-3s and by itself contains an abundance of protein, phosphorous and even calcium! We only use baby sardines (so it’s very safe to given to smaller dogs and even cats).

Sardines are what we call Mother Nature’s gift. Use them like a treat, for training, as a meal topper or even for humans. We snitch some too from our dogs’ stash.


  • Wild-caught Pacific Sardines
  • 100% natural with no additives
  • Rich in Omega-3 essential fatty acids for a healthy coat
  • Human-grade quality
  • Safe for big dogs, small dogs and cats
  • Net weight: 70g