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Dom & Cleo

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Better-Gest aids in lowering the pH of stomach acidity for proper food breakdown, digestion, and assimilation.

Beneficial for young pups and kittens with underdeveloped digestive systems, senior dogs, and cats with weakened digestive systems, when transitioning to a raw diet and during times of digestive weakness.

Signs of digestive weakness may include vomiting undigested food, lack of appetite, unusually voluminous stools, stool eating and general unease after meals.

The recommended amount may be increased as directed by a healthcare professional.


Refrigerate and use within 6 months after opening.

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, add recommended amount to food, mix well before feeding. Do not feed on an empty stomach! Works best when used with Dom & Cleo Panzyme.


Size: 60 caps 

Non-GMO and Gluten Free