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Gourmate - Angus Beef Liver
Gourmate - Angus Beef Liver
Gourmate - Angus Beef Liver

Gourmate - Angus Beef Liver


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Made from grass fed and free range Angus Beef, our Liver is a chunky and meaty dog treat that’s tail-waggingly good and good for them!

Our Angus Beef Liver packs a punch of protein, iron, vitamins and minerals - all snap freeze dried to lock in the nutrition. 

What makes our liver different? The freeze drying doesn't just make it healthier - it also creates a chunky treat with maximum texture, smell and taste. 

Ditch the twenty-ingredient jerky treats without ditching your dogs' love. 

65g Net

Not intended for human consumption. Sorry.


  • Naturally high in lean protein, vitamin A, essential B vitamins and iron

  • Angus Beef Liver supports muscle growth, skin and coat health, the nervous system, immunity, hormone regulation and good thyroid function


  • 100% Angus Beef Liver
  • Sourced, prepared, freeze-dried and packaged to human food grade standards
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Gluten free, dairy free, and grain free dog treats (it’s just Beef Liver)


  • Pet treats are intended for supplement feeding only. We recommend 1 big or 2 small liver treats per day

  • Freeze-drying removes the moisture from raw food to preserve it. If you are including Angus Beef Liver as part of a BARF or raw dog diet please remember that our treats weigh approximately 75% less than their fresh equivalent

 Ethics & Environment

  • Proudly New Zealand sourced, made, and owned
  • Free range, grass fed and hormone free Canterbury beef liver. When it comes to farmed meat, New Zealand's pasture raised cattle is a better choice in regard to animal welfare, waste and greenhouse gas emissions