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Ohpopdog - Tsuru Microbeads Bed

Ohpopdog - Tsuru Microbeads Bed


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The mystical crane against the backdrop of the rising sun depicts so much of what we desire - good fortune, longevity, new beginnings. Tsuru was designed to convey just that, perfect for pulling off that elegant and sophisticated look.

Microbeads Bed

Say hello to a night of restful sleep! The Microbeads Bed molds itself according to the shape of the occupant, providing optimal support for your pup throughout the night (or day, if so inclined). It is also designed to allow for consistent airflow, dissipating heat quickly and make for cooler, more comfortable nap times. The only downside? Your pup might want to spend more time on its bed than with you.

Browse our selection of removable covers as well if you’d like to switch things up once in awhile!

Key Features:

  • Soft surface material with cooling effect for maximum comfort
  • 0.5mm bead filling that mold perfectly around the body
  • Remove fur easily with a lint roller or by simply wiping down



75x55x12cm / 29x21x5”


94x85x15cm / 37x33.5x5.5”


Cover: 73% Polyester & 27% Spandex

Lining: 100% Nylon (Water-resitant), Polyester Canvas
Filling: EPS Microbead

Care guide: Gentle machine wash, close the zip and turn the garment inside out before washing. Do not tumble dry, bleach or iron.