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Raw Rawr Freeze Dried Treats Whole Sardines

Raw Rawr Freeze Dried Treats Whole Sardines

Raw Rawr Pet Foods

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Because great treats can only come from great ingredients!


Made using wild caught whole sardines from Australia, each sardine is freeze dried to retain its nutritional value as well as maintain high palatability. It's so good that your pets will be coming up woth cheeky ways to beg for more!


Sardines may be small, but they are chock-full of healthy omega 3-fatty acids, Coenzyme Q10, vitamins, selenium, phosphorous and calcium.


Omega 3-fatty acids in our Sardine-Os promote healthy skin and coat, and help with the brain development of puppies, kittens and senior furkids. Their anti-inflammatory properties also make them an excellent treat for pets with arthritis. 


Rawr Rawr chews are safely sourced and stored to ensure they are safe for raw consumption. Every batch is tested for pathogens (salmonella, e-coli and listeria) before being cleared and certified for export.


*Made from wild caught, deep sea sardines*