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Rodipet® Birch Tube DSUNGi
Rodipet® Birch Tube DSUNGi
Rodipet® Birch Tube DSUNGi

Rodipet® Birch Tube DSUNGi


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Rodipet® Birch Tube DSUNGi

  • pure birch wood
  • gives structure to your pet’s enclosure
  • professionally made
  • rodent-friendly
  • Ø ca. 8 cm, length ca. 14 cm

Hamster-sized hollow tree, perfect for climbing on or running through

Rodipet® Birch Tubes are natural birch stems which have merely been hollowed out. They are a pretty eye-catcher in any pet cage and hamsters and other small rodents love using them to hide in. As there are holes leading out the side of the tunnel as well your pet can observe his surroundings from a safe hiding spot. Thus, he can act out his natural behaviour and feel very safe while exploring his home.

If you are using the birch tube in the enclosure of mice of degus, you can also place the tube upright for a climbing challenge; and if you are using it in the home of a pet who loves to burrow you could hide it in the bedding so your pet will have a piece of premade tunnel to start working from.

Measurements and details:

Inside diameter: ca. 5 cm (ca. 2 in)
Outside diameter: ca. 8 cm (ca. 3.2 in)
Length: ca. 14 cm (ca. 5.5 in)

Rodipet® recommends this product for:

dwarf hamsters, steppe lemmings, fancy mice and many others