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Rodipet® Hemp Mat for LaOla Platform
Rodipet® Hemp Mat for LaOla Platform
Rodipet® Hemp Mat for LaOla Platform

Rodipet® Hemp Mat for LaOla Platform


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Rodipet® Hemp Mat for LaOla® Platform

  • made-to-measure protection for LaOla® platform
  • many pets like using it as a resting place
  • extends the platform’s life span
  • made from pure natural hemp fibres, gives the nagarium a more home-like atmosphere
  • made in Germany

Protective cover for easy cleaning of the LaOla® platform

This pet carpet is made from untreated hemp fibres and is cut to fit the LaOla® platform. It is a lovely and soft surface for your pet to walk on, and so cosy that your little friend may even decide that it is a nice place to rest on. Since the hemp mat stops most dirt getting through to the surface of the platform, it makes cleaning easier and even helps extend the platform’s life span. We especially recommend using this product if you wish to place an exercise wheel on the platform: The hemp mat can help minimise slipping issues that can occur with some exercise wheels. Moreover, it will absorb a lot of the wheel’s vibrations and thus reduce the noise level produced by your pet’s running.

Just like the platform, the hemp mat can be used either side up, so it will fit on your LaOla® platform no matter which way round you have put it up. We have also made sure, of course, that our hemp mats are entirely safe for your pet. The natural hemp fibres are untreated and safe to chew. Moreover, the individual fibres are so short that there is no danger of them forming snares or getting wound about your pet’s feet. By the way, Rodipet® hemp mats are fully bio degradable and may be disposed of in organic waste bins or your home compost.

Measurements and details

Hole: Ø 7.5 cm (ca. 3 in)
Basic measurements: 50 x 25 cm (ca. 20 x 10 in)
Thickness: 3 mm (ca. 0.12 in)
Package contents: 1 hemp mat

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to cover the LaOla® platform