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Rodipet® Organic Dwarf Hamster Food “JUNiOR” - 500g
Rodipet® Organic Dwarf Hamster Food “JUNiOR” - 500g

Rodipet® Organic Dwarf Hamster Food “JUNiOR” - 500g


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Rodipet® Organic Dwarf Hamster Food “JUNiOR” - 500g 

  • age-appropriate diet 
  • with vegetables and herbs 
  • high-quality natural ingredients 
  • from the food range of the natural habitat
  • organically sourced ingredients 
  • organic certified by Eco-Monitoring Unit DE-021 

Compound feed for dwarf hamsters (genus Phodopus) during their first year 

Age-appropriate food mix for young dwarf hamsters – composed just as it would be in the wild.
As our little friends grow older their habits change, and so do their dietary needs. 
Growing animals need a lot of protein for their bodies to grow and develop; young adult hamsters need a lot of energy as they first leave their mothers’ burrows, find their own territories and thence start looking for eligible mates; and aging pets need more fibre and vital substances to remain fit and mobile for as long as possible. 
Our JUNiOR Mix is tailored to the needs of young dwarf hamsters. Its components are perfectly balanced to supply all the nutrients and energy an active young hamster needs to grow and develop. This also makes it an ideal food for pregnant or lactating females. 
Carefully selected delicious herbs, quality seeds, tasty roots and tender vegetables from organic sources remind us of the steppes of central Asia, which are the original habitat of hamsters of the different Phodopus species. 


Yellow millet, corn flakes, barley, oat flakes, buckwheat, rye, clover seeds, naked oats, rapeseed, camelina seeds, quinoa, alfalfa seeds, amaranth, carrots, toasted soybeans, red clover seeds, parsnips, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, parboiled peas, evening primrose seeds, poppy seeds, beetroot, golden linseed, nettle seeds, milk thistle seeds, aniseed, parsley leaves, black sesame seeds, birch leaves, brown linseed, spinach leaves, hazel leaves (all ingredients are organically sourced) 

Analytical constituents: 

Crude Fibre: 7.1 % 
Crude Protein: 16.9 % 
Crude Oils and Fats: 10.1 % 
Crude Ash: 3.7 % 
Naturally contained Minerals per 100g: 
Calcium: 320mg, Phosphorus: 470mg, Magnesium: 220mg, Potassium: 530mg, Sodium: 40mg 
Naturally contained Trace Elements: 
Iron: 13.30mg, Manganese: 4.77mg, Zinc: 4.87mg, Copper: 0.22mg 

Rodipet® recommends this product for: 

Dwarf hamsters of the genus Phodopus, e. g. winter white dwarf hamsters, Campbell’s dwarf hamsters, Roborowski dwarf hamsters