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Rodipet® Snugglemoss 50g
Rodipet® Snugglemoss 50g
Rodipet® Snugglemoss 50g
Rodipet® Snugglemoss 50g

Rodipet® Snugglemoss 50g


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Rodipet® Snugglemoss – 50 g

  • All natural material, perfect for a natural-themed cage setup
  • Carefully dried hand-picked moss
  • About 1 litre of cosy nesting material
  • Offers a sensual experience
  • Suitable for all pets

Snuggle-soft natural moss for snugging up a nest or for nibbling on

For many years, cotton wool and fluff bedding have been common nesting materials given to hamsters and other small pets. By now we know that the sturdy fibres of these “traditional” nesting materials are incredibly dangerous for your beloved pet – but what alternatives are there?

Unbleached perfume free toilet tissue poses no danger, but it looks neither natural nor particularly pretty. So called “bedding pods” contain very fine natural fibres which tear too easily to cause injuries, but cracked pods often have sharp edges and opinions differ on how safe the fibres are if accidentally swallowed.

One brilliant alternative is moss: it is entirely natural, looks green and fresh, feels amazingly soft and is just perfect for padding the nest and snuggling down cosily – and even if hamster and friends try what this awesome smelling stuff tastes like there’s no danger since our moss is actually edible (though most pets don’t like the taste enough to eat much of it).

Rodipet® Snugglemoss are gently dried soft flakes of moss. If you like you can yourself cushion individual rooms of your pets multi-room hidey house with then, or you can scatter the flakes around the nagarium and watch your little friend gather the nicest pieces and cushion his nest according to his own preference.

Rodipet® recommends this product for:

All pet rodents who enjoy chewing, sniffing or cushioning their nests, e.g. Syrian hamsters, dwarf hamsters, fancy mice, degus, steppe lemmings, gerbils and many others

Measurements and details:

Volume: ca. 1 litre
Material: natural moss