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Rodipet® Organic Gerbil Food ''JUNiOR'' - 500g
Rodipet® Organic Gerbil Food ''JUNiOR'' - 500g

Rodipet® Organic Gerbil Food ''JUNiOR'' - 500g


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Rodipet® Organic Gerbil Food ''JUNiOR'' - 500g

  • age-appropriate diet
  • with vegetables and herbs
  • high-quality natural ingredients
  • from the food range of the natural habitat
  • organically sourced ingredients
  • organic certified by Eco-Monitoring Unit DE-021

Compound feed for gerbils (Meriones unguiculatus) during their first two years

Age-appropriate food mix for young gerbils – composed just as it would be in the wild

As our little friends grow older their habits change, and so do their dietary needs.

What does this mean for my pets?

Among other things, growing animals need a lot of protein for their bodies to grow and develop; young adult gerbils need a lot of energy as they first leave their parents’ burrows, find their own territories and thence start looking for eligible mates; and aging pets need more fibre and vital substances to remain fit and mobile for as long as possible.

Nature's recipe

This Rodipet® food's composition is based on a number of research expeditions to the natural habitats of wild gerbils in Central Asia. There, we investigated what types of food would be available to wild gerbils during various seasons. We combined the knowledge gained from those expeditions with the latest findings of research into the nutritional needs of pet rodents to develop this recipe. Carefully chosen delicious herbs, quality grains & seeds and tasty roots and vegetables from organic sources remind us of the wide steppes of Central Asia that are the native habitats of Meriones unguiculatus gerbils.

Always fresh from our pet kitchen

Did you know that vitamins and other micronutrients deteriorate during storage? Especially contact with air speeds up this process. For this reason, we keep our stores small, mix fresh foods every day and put them into airtight tubs. This way, you can be sure that your little friends get as much of Mother Nature's goodness as possible.

25 prime ingredients from certified organic sources

We have chosen each and every one of the 25 components of out organic gerbil food to reflect the food sources available to wild gerbils living in the steppes of Central Asia. Each ingredient is checked carefully and only once we are satisfied they meet our high quality standards do they get used in out foods - this way, aech bite is a feast for your little gourmets' senses. And to ensure that neither residue from fertilisers nor from pesticides ruin your little friends' appetites we use 100 % organic ingredients for this food.


Wild proso millet, naked oats, red quinoa, barley, rye, whole buckwheat, oat flakes, amaranth, teff, white quinoa, toasted soy beans, sunflower seeds, camelina seeds, green lentils, oilseed rape, brown linseed, alfalfa seeds, timothy seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin kernels, dandelion roots, mountain thyme, Jerusalem artichoke slices, common marigold flowers, dragonhead leaves. (all ingredients are organically sourced) DE-ÖKO-021


Analytical contituents: crude fibre: 6.0 %, crude protein: 15.8 %, crude oils and fats: 10.5 %, crude ash: 2.8 % Naturally contained minerals per 100 g: calcium: 150 mg, phosphorus: 480 mg, magnesium: 200 mg, potassium: 670 mg, sodium: 26 mg Naturally contained trace elements per 100 g: iron: 7.04 mg, manganese: 3.46 mg, zinc: 3.80 mg, copper: 0.89 mg

A complete meal for your gerbils:

For perfectly happy gerbils, we recommend combining our Rodipet® organic gerbil food with our quality freeze-dried Rodipet® insects (available separately), fresh herbs (e.g. dandelion, parsley, dill, fennel greens) and fresh green vegetables (e.g. cucumber, fennel, broccoli, spinach).

Feeding recommendation

Feed roughly 1½ heaped measuring spoons (this equals 1½ heaped tablespoons) and one insect of your choice per animal per day. Fresh hay and water should always be available, too. As these recommendations are based on average observations your pets' individual needs may vary slightly, so if possible without major disturbance, please check weekly (otherwise whenever you do a full cage clean) how much food your gerbils have stashed away in their tunnels: if the stores are, figuratively, overflowing, please reduce the amount of food slightly; if there is hardly anything stored your pets probably need a little more food. When looking after a pregnant female or parents feeding babies, please allow half a measuring spoon of food and one additional insect per day.

How long will one tub last?

This tub contains approximately 90 measuring spoons worth of food, which lasts on average 3-4 weeks for two gerbils.