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ZeeDog NeoPro Tidal Leash
ZeeDog NeoPro Tidal Leash

ZeeDog NeoPro Tidal Leash


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The NeoPro dog leash is yet another super launch from Zee.Dog. The leash features a new technology with ultra protective PVC rubber external called NeoPro, which is water and weather resistant, preventing the leash from getting dirty, wet or scratched. In addition to being much easier to clean, it also has a super resistant hook (with locks on the S and L leash), an exclusive design and they are comfortable to walk around.

  • New NeoPro technology, with ultra water and weather resistant protection
  • Very easy to clean
  • Skull rubber from Zee.Dog, made of non-toxic material.
  • Soft and silky texture to give more comfort on the rides.
  • Zinc alloy super hook with colored screw-on latch on guides S and L.
  • Perfect length to absorb all the pull force.