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ZooDi® Glazed Ceramic Food Bowl for Fresh Veggies 28cm
ZooDi® Glazed Ceramic Food Bowl for Fresh Veggies 28cm

ZooDi® Glazed Ceramic Food Bowl for Fresh Veggies 28cm


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ZooDi® Glazed Ceramic Food Bowl for Fresh Veggies Ø 28 cm

  • made from glazed ceramic
  • stable
  • with bollard to prevent food couching
  • with straight sides for a comfortable feeding position
  • can be used by up to 4 animals at once

Rabbit and guinea pig food bowl with bollard to prevent food couching

This ZooDi® glazed ceramic food bowl is just perfect for feeding fresh greens and veggies to a little group of rabbits or guinea pigs. As its circumference is about 90 cm (ca. 35 in) there is plenty of room for your pets to eat without getting into each other’s way. What’s more, the bowl’s special shape prevents rabbits and guinea pigs lying down inside it, which would result in other pets being denied access as well as the food getting soiled.

Who hasn’t seen this before?
Your piggies are enjoying their food so much that they really want to lie down in it. Sharing is overrated anyway. And anyway, the best place to lie down is where piggle just has to move one’s head ever so slightly to reach more food. Soiled food and upset fellow piggies are the results of such behaviour. This food bowl features a bollard in the centre to prevent guinea pigs lying down in their food. And because cheeky rascals like this are not uncommon among bunny rabbits either, ZooDi® have decided to make this food bowl large enough to be suitable for rabbits, too.

The bowl can hold a substantial meal of fresh greens and vegetables which can be accessed easily from all sides. The bowl’s straight sides make reaching the food easy even for guinea pigs’, who are not forced to stretch their necks to their furthest extents as is sometimes the case with inward curving food bowls. This bowl’s rim is still wide enough to afford your pets’ small feet a firm hold without sharp edges.

The ZooDi® glazed ceramic food bowl is a sturdy bowl that stands firmly in your pets’ habitat. It is dishwasher safe and can also be cleaned easily by hand. Please note that due to the manufacturing process there is a small hole in the bottom centre of the bowl. We recommend sealing this with a bit of hot glue to prevent dishwashing water and dirt building up inside the bollard.

Measurements and details:

Diameter: 28 cm (ca. 11 in)
Rim height: ca. 4.5 c, (ca. 1.8 in)
Total height: ca. 11 cm (ca. 4.3 in)
Material: glazed ceramic

Rodipet® recommends this product:

for supplying fresh greens and vegetables to rabbits and large rodents like guinea pigs and degus