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ZooDi® Glazed Ceramic Pet Bowl 17cm
ZooDi® Glazed Ceramic Pet Bowl 17cm

ZooDi® Glazed Ceramic Pet Bowl 17cm


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ZooDi® Glazed Ceramic Pet Bowl Ø 17 cm

  • made from glazed ceramic
  • capacity ca. 500 ml
  • stable
  • with straight sides for comfortable access

Food and water bowl for rabbits and guinea pigs

This glazed ceramic bowl by ZooDi® is sturdy, stable and can be cleaned easily either by hand or in the dishwasher. As it can hold just over 500 ml (just under a pint) of water your pets face very little possibility of running out of water during one normal day. We still recommend you add extra bowls for larger groups or in particularly hot weather though.

The bowl’s straight sides make it easy for guinea pigs to drink without having to stretch their necks, which is occasionally a problem with bowls whose sides curve inward. The rim is still wide enough, of course, to afford a firm hold without sharp edges for the little feet.

Many guinea pigs and rabbits do not like to drink from water bottles and will drink significantly more when offered a water bowl. There are however cases of healthy guinea pigs who have plenty of enrichment and room to move about who still make using a water bottle a sort of hobby – yet even these animals may use a water bowl on particularly hot days. An ideal solution is therefore to provide your pets with both options and let them choose for themselves which drinking vessel they wish to use at any given time.

This bowl can, of course, also be used as a food bowl for either dry food and pellets or fresh vegetables, particularly when supplying several bowls. When feeding rabbits and guinea pigs fresh greens and vegetables we do however recommend our ZooDi® Glazed Ceramic Food Bowl for Fresh Veggies Ø 28 cm, as your pets are less likely to soil their food in it.

Measurements and details:

Diameter: 17 cm (ca. 6.7 in)
Height: 4 cm (ca. 1.6 cm)
Capacity: ca. 500 ml (just under one pint)
Material: glazed ceramic

Rodipet® recommends this product:

as a water bottle or for dry food for rabbits and large rodents, e. g. guinea pigs and degus