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Rodipet Birch Bedding 1.8 kg (24L)
Rodipet Birch Bedding 1.8 kg (24L)
Rodipet Birch Bedding 1.8 kg (24L)

Rodipet Birch Bedding 1.8 kg (24L)


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Rodipet® Birch Bedding 1.8kg (24L)

  • rodent-friendly
  • 100 % birch wood
  • snuggle-soft
  • highly absorbent
  • ideal for teddy hamsters

Soft bedding made from hardwood shavings, free from resins and essential oils

Bedding made from wood shavings has been around for decades, and not without reason: wood shavings are pleasantly soft and extremely absorbent; and on top of that they can be pressed so they need very little room to store. Moreover, wood shavings are the only bedding into which relatively stable tunnels can be dug, especially when hay or straw have been mixed in with the wood shavings.

And yet, more and more owners of small pets are looking for alternatives, for there is one serious drawback in the classically used bedding: It is made from coniferous woods, which contain resins as well as essential oils, which can irritate the respiratory system and, in extreme cases, clog up a hamster’s cheek pouches.

Rodipet® Birch Bedding is different: Our thoroughly dedusted, snuggle-soft wood shavings are made from 100 % birch wood, which naturally contains neither resins nor essential oils. Thus, both you and your pet can enjoy all the advantages of classical wood shavings bedding without having to worry about the disadvantages of coniferous woods in your pet’s home.

Rodipet® recommends this product for

all pet rabbits and rodents, e. g. Syrian hamsters, dwarf hamsters, fancy mice, rats, steppe lemmings, degus, chinchillas, gerbils and many others