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Frozen Raw Whole Rabbit

Frozen Raw Whole Rabbit

Whole Animal Butchery

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Does your dogs love white meat? If yes, then rabbit meat is a nutritious and exciting addition to their diet!

Whole rabbits – with meat, cartilage, bones – are a great source of protein and balanced with calcium and phosphorous for dogs on a whole prey or BARF diet. It’s easy to feed and digest so works well for dogs with gastrointestinal problems.

Rabbit meat is low in fat and cholesterol which makes it highly suitable for overweight dogs or more senior dogs.

Rabbit meat is also used as a hypoallergenic choice of protein for dogs with multiple food sensitivities, allergies and skin issues. Rabbit meat is a ‘cooling’ meat which means it is anti-inflammatory and reduces skin redness and itching.

Our rabbits are farm-raised on a natural diet (no growth promotants) and grow to about 1kg in size. Suitable for small, medium and large dogs on a raw diet.

Weight: 1 kg
Type: Frozen, whole rabbits
Country of Origin: USA

*Whole rabbit will be sliced into frozen chunks.