Raw Rawr Freeze Dried Treats Chicken Necks

Raw Rawr Freeze Dried Treats Chicken Necks

Raw Rawr Pet Foods

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Because great treats can only come from great ingredients!


Made using cage-free chickens from Australia, each neck is freeze dried to retain its nutritional value as well as maintain high palatability. It's so good that your pets will be coming up with cheeky ways to beg for more!


Chicken necks (soft bones) are a good source of natural calcium that is vital for supporting and strengthening bones and teeth.


Raw bones are one of nature's best toothbrush. The naturally occurring enzymes in our raw chicken necks help prevent tarter build up and keep food from sticking to your pet's teeth. Your furkid's teeth will get a good cleaning as he gnaws and enjoys our chicky chews.


Rawr Rawr chews are safely sourced and stored to ensure they are safe for raw consumption. Every batch is tested for pathogens (salmonella, e-coli and listeria) before being cleared and certified for export.


*Made from antibiotic & hormone free chickens*