Rise 'N Shine Reversible Bed

Rise 'N Shine Reversible Bed


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Wake up in a good mood. Featuring pastel pink, yellow, green and peach with a steel grey plush interior. Our reversible pet beds are filled with our famous feather-soft filling and are fully machine washable. 
  • Small: external 45x56cm (17.7x22 inch) internal 25x36cm (9.8x14.2 inch)
  • Medium: external 65x74cm (25.5x29.1 inch) internal 35x48cm (13.8x18.9 inch)
  • Large: external 75x80cm (29.5x31.4 inch) internal 64x42cm (16.5x25 inch)
Measurements are approximations

Material: Polyester fibre with our famous feather soft filling. Colour-safe, non-toxic, non-allergenic.

Care Instructions: Use a front loading washing machine in a delicates bag or hand wash with cold water. Dry flat. do not iron or dry clean. Treat as a delicate!