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Rodipet AURO Transparent Varnish 0.375L

Rodipet AURO Transparent Varnish 0.375L


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Rodipet AURO Transparent Varnish 0.375L

  • in line with EN 71-3 ("Safety of Toys")
  • in line with German DIN 53160 ("Fast to Perspiration and Saliva")
  • water-dilutable
  • free from biocides
  • low odour
  • safe for humans, animals and plants
  • free from solvents

Wooden Rodipet® houses, digging boxes and exercise wheels come unpainted for two reasons: For one thing, varnish makes wood less breathable, and for another with untreated wood the human needn’t worry about their little friend chewing something that may be harmful in any way.

Still, there are times when protecting wood with a few layers of varnish is advisable: If you want to use a damp digging substrate, varnish stops the digging box absorbing moisture and getting mouldy; if your pet tends to “wee-wee” while running a layer of varnish protects the wheel at cleaning-up time; and if your pet has trouble hitting the mark when using their corner toilet, a varnished “bathroom” makes cleaning a lot easier.

Would you like to protect your wooden accessories?

For cases like these, we have found a varnish that offers decent protection while being perfectly safe for pets and humans alike:

AURO® Transparent varnish has been tested and complies with both DIN EN 71 pt. 3 (safety of toys) and DIN 53160 (resistant to sweat and saliva), fulfilling our safety requirements. On top of this, it is made entirely from natural and mostly renewable resources.


Content quantity: 0,375 L
Coverage: up to 5 m2
Composition: Water, linseed oil*, colophony glycerol ester with organic acids*, mineral fillers, drying agents (cobalt-free), castor stand oil*,sunflower oil*, surfactants made of rapeseed- and castor oil, *as amino soap, silicic acid, cellulose, fatty acids. Natural products are not odour- nor emission-free. May cause allergic reactions.

Rodipet recommends this product for:

all pet keepers wanting to protect their pets' wooden accessories like exercise wheels, houses, digging boxes, etc.