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Fuzzyard Step In Harness - No Signal
Fuzzyard Step In Harness - No Signal

Fuzzyard Step In Harness - No Signal


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Our No Signal! Step in harness has so much energy that it’s no wonder your TV keeps cutting out. This design is what FuzzYard is all about, fun, exciting and different! We don’t do boring things. 

FuzzYard Step In dog harnesses are the best solution for dogs who don't like things being put over their head....or have a big head ;). They are lightweight, super-comfortable and best of all, easy to fit! Simply unclip the buckle, undo the velcro and let your dog 'step in' and you're good to go!

Material: 100% Polyester 
Care Instructions: Wash with similar colours. 
Wash inside out. Do not soak. Do not iron.

Size Tips: Our Step In Harness have a diffrent fit to our Regular Harness, Make sure to check out our size chart.  Better to be safe than sorry ;)