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WAB - Wild-Caught Anchovies

WAB - Wild-Caught Anchovies

Whole Animal Butchery

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Fresh caught anchovies! These are quickly deep frozen to retain freshness so there is no need to add preservatives or chemicals (unlike what other supply chains do).

Small fishes that are suitable to be fed raw whole to cats and dogs. Alternatively, opt for our anchovy cubes which are cleaned, minced and pre-portioned for your convenience!

How do you feed them? If you’re a raw feeder, just adding it to their bowl during mealtime gives them the additional boost of natural Omega-3, calcium and other essential minerals! If you’re making it into treats, these fish are air-dried to a crispy texture within 48-72 hours.

Promotes a healthy and shiny coat – it’s definitely a great addition to your dog bowl or cat bowl!

Quantity: 500g 

Type: Frozen Raw