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BiMSi® Natural Chinchilla Dust – 3 Litres
BiMSi® Natural Chinchilla Dust – 3 Litres

BiMSi® Natural Chinchilla Dust – 3 Litres


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BiMSi® Natural Chinchilla Dust – 3 Litres

  • all natural product without additives
  • for grooming coat and skin
  • made from responsibly sourced German pumice stone
  • FREE FROM attapulgite
  • FREE FROM sepiolite

Finely sifted pure pumice sand for daily coat- and skincare

Bathing pet rodents?!
There are at least two things the original habitats of many of our pet rodents have in common: Water is scarce and the nights at least can be very cold. The coats of our pets’ wild cousins have adapted to deal with these harsh conditions: They are dense and fine and perfectly suited to keep out the cold – at least while dry. However, once they get wet, their insulating properties vanish and they dry very slowly. Thus, bathing in water, if enough water for a bath could even be found, would be likely to result in life-threatening hypothermia. For this reason, we would ask that you only ever bathe your pet rodents for medical reasons (e. g. if they are suffering with mites) as per your vet’s instructions.

SANDbathing pet rodents!
For everyday life, hamsters, chinchillas and their friends have come up with another way of keeping their fine coats clean: They use sand or dust baths to groom their skin and coats. For this purpose, they roll in fine sand or powder themselves with it and, once done, shake off the sand along with all those dead skin particles and excess oils that stick to the grains of dust. This even untangles small knots, and the animal leaves his “tub” all dry and ready to go. Moreover, moving them around in the fine sand also files the rodent’s nails, so even a manicure is included in the bath.

BiMSi® for bathing:
BiMSi Natural Chinchilla Dust is made from pure, finely ground pumice stone. The stone is cleaned and dried thoroughly before being ground down to ideal particle sizes for small rodents’ coat care. The different particle sizes are essential for optimal results: fine particles cling to excess oils; larger grains which are easier to shake off pull the smaller particles with them when the pet shakes the sand out after the bath.

Pumice is naturally highly absorbent and has no sharp edges, thus it is perfect for gentle grooming – however, it is also very light and can therefore be somewhat dustier than other bathing sands. For this reason, we recommend using a mostly closed sand bath with it.

Responsibly sourced in Germany
We only use pumice stone from German deposits in our BiMSi® products. This is quarried locally and, once exploited, the areas are recultivated and form farmland and valuable biotopes.

Rodipet® recommends this product for

all pet rodents that groom their coats by bathing in sand or dust, e. g. dwarf hamsters, gerbils, Syrian hamsters, steppe lemmings, degus, fancy mice, chinchillas and many others