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Momi Alfalfa Hay - 1kg Box
Momi Alfalfa Hay - 1kg Box

Momi Alfalfa Hay - 1kg Box


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  • Grown in USA and irrigated with rich mineral water from the snow mountain
  • Coarse texture, coarse stem with clovers and seeds, very strong fragrance
  • Provide sufficient protein and calcium for young rabbits (1 years old or below) growth
  • High fiber with low protein keeps rabbits and herbivores healthy and helps prevent obesity
  • Certified to be safe by USDA before exportation
  • True world class premium hays – standard of Olympic game equestrian
  • Hay chewing is a natural behavior of herbivores, which improves the physical and psychological wellbeing of herbivores.
  • Fully sealed bags with reusable zipper to avoid over moisture intake