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Ohpopdog Hoodie - Baba Navy 150
Ohpopdog Hoodie - Baba Navy 150
Ohpopdog Hoodie - Baba Navy 150

Ohpopdog Hoodie - Baba Navy 150


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Baba Navy 150 Hoodie  

History comes alive with the Heritage Collection! Inspired by the medley of colours and ornate tiling that line the exterior of the shophouses along the streets of Joo Chiat and East Coast, we injected vibrant pops of colour the Ohpopdog way. Whether being the event highlight in our concrete jungle or blending into the walls (quite literally!) after zipping off with your mama’s Eggs Bene at a cafe playdate, being a Little Nonya sure has its benefits! 

Fun fact: The number in the name of the prints correspond to real life shophouse numbers in either Joo Chiat or East Coast. Snap a pic of your pup twinning with the building! 


Baba Navy 150 - East Coast Road 150D 

- Nyonya tiffin carrier (Inspire by this) 

Every good doggo knows this - just as important as the food is the carrier that it comes in! Baba Navy 150 is a modern interpretation of the traditional Nyonya Tiffin carriers, often used to pack delicious nyonya cuisines by Babas (men) and Nyonyas (women) The design uses contemporary colours and lines that are inspired by the ornate details of tiffins, creating this charming print that will capture the eyes and stomachs of all good doggos.

Key features of the hoodie: 

  • Summer-friendly fabric
  • Stretchable fabric for easy wearing 


95% Cotton & 5% Spandex