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Rodipet® 27cm Super Silent Cork Exercise Wheel
Rodipet® 27cm Super Silent Cork Exercise Wheel
Rodipet® 27cm Super Silent Cork Exercise Wheel

Rodipet® 27cm Super Silent Cork Exercise Wheel


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ø 27 cm Rodipet® Super Silent Cork Exercise Wheel

  • made in Germany
  • comfortable cork running track
  • made from beech and birch woods
  • variable height
  • with dual ball bearings
  • resists gnawing

Exercise wheel with handy cork lining for Syrian hamsters and large dwarf hamsters

Like walking on air: For your small pet's delicate paws, a cork running track feels just right. Moreover, cork is naturally water-repellent, which makes it very easy to clean.

Why is this hamster wheel made from hard beech wood?

Because rodents have a strong urge to gnaw which they frequently try to satisfy. The running drum of this exercise wheel is made from hard beech wood. All other parts are made from sturdy birch wood. This combination offers as much resistance to a rodent's gnawing teeth as can be achieved using wood.

Please offer your pet some chewable alternative such as Artichoke Sticks or Dandelion Roots to satisfy this urge. Those materials are not only tasty, they are also rich in valuable minerals and trace elements.

Sturdy, durable and safe

Your pet will be able to enjoy the Ø 27 cm Rodipet® Super Silent Cork Exercise Wheel for a long time. The running drum is easy to move so even petite pets can use it.

The inside diameter of the exercise wheel is 27 cm, making it a large enough wheel for all but the largest Syrian hamsters, the the running track is continuous without cracks or tripping hazards.

This prevents injured paws. The large diameter permits dwarf hamsters and pets of similar size to tun without bending their backs.

No dangerous pinch areas

This exercise wheel's clever and sturdy design achieves a safe standing without using a dangerous front support. This means your pet can get in and out safely at all times.

Rodipet® brand quality

All of our wooden products are made with a lot of love for animals. This implies precision craftsmanship and careful finishing. Splinters and traces of glue on the surface are removed. Nails, staples and other potentially hazardous aids are not used in Rodipet® products at all. To make sure that sensitive little noses and paws are perfectly safe with Rodipet® wooden items we check each and every single item before it leaves our workshop.

Adjustable height:

Rodipet® Super Silent Cork Exercise Wheels are light-built yet sturdy, feature quality ball bearings and a continuous running track and can be adjusted in height.

The running drum can be adjusted to anywhere between 2 and 13 cm bottom height. When used along with the pedestal (available separately), the bottom edge of the running drum can be raised to a maximum of 22 cm above the cage floor.

You can adjust the height of the Rodipet® Super Silent Cork Exercise Wheel to fit your individual needs and wishes depending on the species of animal cared for and height of the bedding used. Its flexibility makes it possible to place this exercise wheel securely even in a deep layer of bedding: Just set the desired height, place the exercise wheel in the cage and then add the required amount of bedding.

Important notice when pups are present in the cage:

As soon as the babies start leaving the nest for the first time, any non-rigid toys such as seesaws, exercise wheels etc. must be removed from the cage as they can pose a danger to clumsy pups. Water bowls should also be placed in such a way that pups cannot fall in.

Measurements and details:

Width: 28 cm (ca. 11 in)
Breadth: 14 cm (ca. 5.5 in)
Height: 30.5 - 42.5 cm (ca. 12 – 16.7 in)
Running track width: 7.2 cm (ca. 2.8 in)

Rodipet® recommends this product for:

pets up to 16 cm (ca. 6.3 in) in length, e. g. dwarf hamsters, most Syrian hamsters, gerbils and many others.