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Rodipet® 50 x 50cm Hemp Mat for Run
Rodipet® 50 x 50cm Hemp Mat for Run

Rodipet® 50 x 50cm Hemp Mat for Run


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Rodipet® 50 x 50 cm Hemp Mat for Run

  • sturdy design
  • 1/4 square meter
  • ideal for run areas
  • protective floor covering
  • highly versatile

Non-slip pet carpet for easy cleaning of the run area

This pet carpet is made from untreated hemp fibres and is ideal for covering the floor of a Rodistax® run: It is a non-slip surface for your pet – on it, his little paws will find the perfect grip for a sprint. Moreover, the insulating hemp mat will protect your delicate little friend from catching a chill on cold stone floors or from overheating if you have floor heating.

Furthermore, the absorbent hemp mat will make cleaning easier, as it catches any dirt and can just be shaken out after use. Naturally, you can also use this hemp mat to cover the floor of your pet’s main cage or cut it to size for other purposes.

We have made sure, of course, that our hemp mats are entirely safe for your pet. The natural hemp fibres are untreated and safe to chew. Moreover, the individual fibres are so short that there is no danger of them forming snares or getting wound about your pet’s feet.

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