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Rodipet® Grass Nest 13cm
Rodipet® Grass Nest 13cm
Rodipet® Grass Nest 13cm

Rodipet® Grass Nest 13cm


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Rodipet® Grass Nest Ø 13 cm

  • made from natural materials
  • wire-free
  • sturdily made
  • natural hideout, perfect for chewing and playing
  • Ø ca. 13 cm

Breezy grass nest for climbing on and hiding in

Grass nests are a favourite with many hamsters, gerbils and other pet rodents, and not without reason: The curved inside walls resemble the rounded walls of a subterranean rodent burrow and do not need much cushioning to make a cosy nest that smells pleasantly of hay. Moreover, the plaited grass is fairly breathable and neither heat nor damp can build up inside.

Caribbean decorating tip:
Particularly in summer, when many of us humans wish ourselves to be by a pool or at the beach, hamsters and other small pets also long for some way of cooling down and appreciate a cooler secondary residence. So why not put some cool sand down as bedding in part of the enclosure and place one or two Grass Nests there as hideouts that resemble beach balls? A hazel bridge placed upright makes for a pretty palisade and separates the sand area from the “normal” bedding, and that is all that is needed to create your pet’s very own private beach.

Naturally safe
Our Rodipet® Grass Nests and Grass Nest Houses are plaited from natural grasses and contain neither wire nor plastic frames – bamboo framework and a little coarse cotton string are all we need to keep the nests in shape.

Measurements and details

Diameter: ca. 13 cm (ca. 5.1 in)
Openings: ca. 5 cm (ca. 2 in)
Materials used: grass, bamboo

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