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Rodipet® Hazel Bridge 7 x 63cm
Rodipet® Hazel Bridge 7 x 63cm
Rodipet® Hazel Bridge 7 x 63cm
Rodipet® Hazel Bridge 7 x 63cm

Rodipet® Hazel Bridge 7 x 63cm


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Rodipet® Hazel Bridge 7 x 63 cm 

  • bendable 
  • safe hideout 
  • ramp to different levels 
  • sturdy workmanship 
  • natural toy for chewing and playing 

Allrounder in your pet’s home – wooden bridge, fence and steps in one 

Most owners of small pets are probably familiar with willow bridges – theses “ribbons” of connected willow branches come in various widths and lengths and can be bent into shape as required. Thus, they are perfect for quickly and easily creating hideouts, bridges, tunnels, steps or separations between different areas of the pet’s habitat. The only downside to them is this: Willow wood is very soft, meaning that especially with pets who love to chew, the bridges soon stop looking nice and may even become wobbly. 
Help is at hand though: Rodipet®’s hazelbridges look a lot like willow bridges, but they are made from hazel branches, which, at 62 N/mm2 gnawing resistance, are nearly twice as durable as willow bridges. Thus, your little friend can do all the chewing he likes without quickly doing damage to the Rodipet® hazelbridge. 
Your pet’s safety is important to us 
We put a special focus on safe construction: only the straightest possible branches are strung onto two sturdy wires, as close together as possible. In this way the gaps between branches are kept so narrow that it is impossible for a paw to get stuck in them. 
Furthermore, the thickness of the wires grants a high degree of stability, while the ends of the wires are so deeply embedded in the branches that they pose no danger to inquisitive pets. 
To extend the life span of our hazel bridges, we use rustproof wire. For this reason, they can even be permanently used in an outdoor run for rabbits or guinea pigs or cleaned thoroughly with hot water and a brush. 

Rodipet® recommends this product 

- as a partition to separate areas containing different types of bedding in any pet’s home 
- as bridge or stairs and hideout for small rodents up to the size of a Syrian hamster or gerbil