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Rodipet® Hemp Mat 100 x 40cm
Rodipet® Hemp Mat 100 x 40cm

Rodipet® Hemp Mat 100 x 40cm


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Rodipet® Hemp Mat 100 x 40 cm

  • made from pure hemp fibres
  • repeals pests
  • natural nesting material
  • cage liner for sick pets
  • for covering upper levels

Non-slip pet carpet for easy cleaning of the enclosure

This pet carpet is made from untreated hemp fibres and fits into many home-made pet enclosures. It is a lovely and soft surface for your pet to walk on, and so cosy that your little friend may even decide that it is a nice place to rest on. Since the hemp mat stops most dirt getting through to the surface below it, it makes cleaning easier and even helps extend the life span of the surface below it. We especially recommend using this product underneath an exercise wheel: The hemp mat can help minimise slipping issues that can occur with some exercise wheels. Moreover, it will absorb a lot of the wheel’s vibrations and thus reduce the noise level produced by your pet’s running.

If your little friend is undergoing veterinary treatment or has just had surgery, he may not be allowed normal bedding in the cage. For those cases, hemp mats are a good alternative to towels: the hemp matting is nice and soft and very absorbent. Moreover, it stops your pet slipping about and the soft fibres can even be pulled out to form a cosy nest lining.

We have made sure, of course, that our hemp mats are entirely safe for your pet. The natural hemp fibres are untreated and safe to chew. Moreover, the individual fibres are so short that there is no danger of them forming snares or getting wound about your pet’s feet.

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all pet rodents, e. g. degus, Syrian hamsters, dwarf hamsters, fancy mice, steppe lemmings, gerbils and many others