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Rodipet® XL Wave pool 50 x25cm
Rodipet® XL Wave pool 50 x25cm
Rodipet® XL Wave pool 50 x25cm
Rodipet® XL Wave pool 50 x25cm

Rodipet® XL Wave pool 50 x25cm


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Rodipet® XL Wave Pool (50 x 25 cm)

  • sand bathing box with hideout
  • large box for digging
  • sturdy design, made from high-quality birch wood
  • includes terracotta bowl
  • keeps sand bath free from bedding

Sand box for hamsters and other small rodents

Many small rodents love bathing in sand to remove excess oils from their coats and skins. In fact, sand bathing rituals maintain the coat and keep it thick and glossy. If your pet is among those who enjoy spending lots of time in their sand bath, he will certainly love the Rodipet® XL wave pool: in it there is room for nearly 1/8 sqm of sand for bathing. Alternatively, the wave pool can hold soil for digging. And since nearly one third of the pool’s area is roofed, your little friend will feel very safe. By the way, the measurements of this sand box are just right to safely place it on a LaOla® platform, so in spite of its huge size it does not have to take up too much valuable floor space.

There is an unglazed terracotta bowl set in the roof of the hide area, so you can offer your pet a refreshment to enjoy with his bath. We recommend offering little treats and things in bowls like this one on a fairly regular basis, as moving over the slightly rough material helps wear down your pet’s nails.

And for your peace of mind while watching your little friend enjoy his new wellness area, we have kept his safety in mind: The wave pool is made from resin-free birch wood and such glues that can safely be chewed. And if you are concerned over your pet staying in the hidey area longer than usual, you can lift out the terracotta bowl to get a better look at him.

Measurements and details:

Length: 45.5 cm (ca. 18 in)
Width: 25 cm (ca. 10 in)
Height (outside): 15 cm (ca. 6 in)
Height (inside): 8 cm (ca. 3.2 in)
Material: birch wood

Rodipet® recommends this product for

all rodents who like to take sand baths for maintaining their coats, e. g. Syrian hamsters, dwarf hamsters, fancy mice, steppe lemmings, gerbils and many others