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WAB Frozen Raw Kangaroo Organ Blend

WAB Frozen Raw Kangaroo Organ Blend

Whole Animal Butchery

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Organ meat is a vital part of providing your furries with the best nutrition. Unfortunately, nutrient-dense organs often come in a packing size that is much larger than what we need for our pets, making the process of meal prep all that more onerous. Because we’re pet owners too, let’s just say – we feel you!

Enter the Whole Animal Butchery Organ Blend, organ meat that’s been cleaned, minced and pre-portioned into cubes! Our 100% single protein organ blend contains a mixture of organ muscle meat and secreting organs / liver. Available in multiple proteins!

  • Contains kangaroo heart, kangaroo lungs, kangaroo liver and kangaroo kidney
  • Quantity: 12 cubes, approx 35g / cube
  • Type: Frozen Raw
  • Suitable for raw feeders, cooked diets, PMR