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ZooDi Gourmet Black Forest Hay 1kg
ZooDi Gourmet Black Forest Hay 1kg

ZooDi Gourmet Black Forest Hay 1kg


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ZooDi® Gourmet Black Forest Hay 1kg

  • Incomparably fresh scent
  • Incredibly green
  • Contains a wide variety of herbs
  • Rich in fibres and nutrients
  • Simply irresistible

Aromatic hay with a variety of herbs for feasting and nest building

Grasses, seeds and herbs can be found in all meadows and grass steppes and play an important part in the natural diet of any rodent and rabbit. When they live in human care, very few of our pets have access to the rich and varied range of food they would find in wild meadows. Offering them a high quality hay alongside their other complete food or veggie meals makes up for this though: It contains everything a meadow does, just cut and dried.

How do we do that?

To retain as many of the valuable components as possible inside the hay, ZooDi® hay is cut when the meadow is in its richest phase of growth. The hay is then sun-dried for three days, during which time it gets turned and loosened up frequently. After this period, it is moved into the barn, where the drying process is completed in an airily loose hay stack. Thanks to this careful treatment, delicate herbs and plants are not crumbled to dust as they would be if we pressed our hay into bales.

The careful processing of our hay does not only retain most of the nutrients inside the hay; it also creates a hay which is b>very low in dust and is thus kinder to your and your pet’s eyes and respiratory tracts than many others. For this reason, ZooDi® Gourmet Black Forest Hay is not only an excellent part of your pet’s diet but also an excellent, natural nesting material for hamster, mouse and friends.

Rodipet® recommends this product:

As a high fibre food and as entirely safe nesting material for all pet rodents and rabbits